Strategies for Planning Profitable Niche Content

Being a niche leader means you have responsibilities to your target audience. Some marketers go into this thinking, “Well, I don’t want to lead the niche, just participate in it.”

But keep in mind that to many readers, you will be their leader. Everyone develops preferences about who they want to learn from and who they want to trust.

The first thing you have to do is plan how often you’ll be blogging. If you slack off or abandon your blog for 2-3 months at a time, you’re not just taking a break – you’re leaving your followers lost when they thought they could count on you.

Try to get into the habit of blogging often – daily if at all possible. Don’t force it, though. You want it to be natural. Your post frequency should occur when you have good information to share.

That doesn’t mean you have to have blockbuster information every time you post. It can mean you simply share something simple but relevant to your target audience.

What do you blog about? You can help your audience get educated about your niche, review products for them (both digital and tangible products), and motivate them to embrace your solutions.

Niche content isn’t only created for your blog. It’s for a variety of online hot spots. That includes your opt in freebies, viral freebies, email autoresponder series, products that you create to sell, bonuses, and more.

In Creating a Niche Profit Funnel, you’ll see how other marketers do it – how they take a cold prospect, lure him into their slippery slope, and then slowly but surely convert him into a customer who is loyal and dedicated to your advice.

Map out all of the elements for your niche – everything from traffic generating content on (and off) your blog to free giveaway sources to paid items that you want to build your empire with.

With every piece of content that you create, be thinking of how it can help you bond with your audience and get them one step closer to a sale (or a repeat sale if they’ve already proven their devotion).

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