How to Identify and Shift Your Negative Thinking Patterns

Reset Your Mind

Identifying Your Negative Mindsets

A negative mindset can be a huge obstacle when it comes to staying motivated and on the path to achieving your dreams. But it can be difficult to avoid negative mindsets if you don’t know exactly what it is that you are avoiding. That is why it is critical to learn how to identify your negative mindsets so you can stop them in their tracks. There are many different negative patterns of thinking and not every single person experiences each and every one.


The negative mindset of mindreading is the thought that you know exactly what others are thinking about you. An example of this would be thinking “I know he hates how I look; I look terrible.” Not only are you putting yourself down in this thought, but you are doing it based on a thought you believe someone else is thinking. Don’t let your mind go down this rabbit hole and stop mindreading thoughts in their tracks.

Black and White Viewpoints

Black and White thinking is a negative viewpoint where you insinuate that there is only one side of the task you are trying to complete. And just because you can’t complete the task in one manner, that you will never be able to complete the task at all. Next time you find yourself thinking that you’ll never be able to do something because you can’t master it in a specific way, try another way, instead of letting the dismal thinking take over.

Future Predicting

Future Predicting thoughts are those in which you think you already know the outcome of an event (most likely negative) even if you have no idea what will happen. For example, after a job interview thinking that you will not get the job when you, in fact, don’t know that. Rather, focus on manifesting positive thoughts instead.


The negative mindset of over-reacting is taking a small amount of information you do have, and transforming into information you don’t have. Such as when someone doesn’t answer your phone call and you automatically assume they are no longer your friend. Rather than letting your mind take the fact and run with it, rationalize the real reason your friend didn’t answer the phone and be patient, they will probably call back soon.

Calling Yourself Names

Calling yourself names in your mind is never a positive way of thinking. Even if you make mistakes, instead of self-name calling, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you will learn from your mistake and ensure the same mistake doesn’t happen again in the future.


Over-Dramatizing is when you take a single event, likely a bad one, which has happened and let your mind wander down the path of despair allowing the problem to grow larger and larger. An example of this would be when your significant other breaks up with you, and you let yourself think you will never find another person in this world to love you. Over-Dramatizing is never realistic so it’s better to not engage in it at all.


You can’t blame yourself for everything bad which happens in your life, or even in the lives of your family and friends. When you find yourself in a situation where you are blaming yourself for something which has happen, stop thinking the negative thoughts and instead work on finding a solution to the problem at hand.

No matter who you are, it’s likely you have experienced one, or many of these negative mindsets at some point in your life. And it’s also likely, that you have let them hold you back from becoming your true self. Start identifying your negative mindsets today and put a stop to them so they can no longer interfere with your mind on your path to success.

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