On Days That You’re Unfocused, Prioritize Effectively

On Days That You Are Unfocused

It happens to the best of us – some days you just can’t focus on work no matter how hard you try. It’s frustrating when you flounder all day trying to pick up the pieces of a project you’ve started but your mind just won’t cooperate.

These unplanned times can be very useful and productive if you know how to prioritize. When you know that you’re not going to be able to stick to the plan you had for the day, be enthused about trying something different.

Today may be a good time to leave creative endeavors such as sales copy or content creation and focus on the nuts and bolts of your business. Brainstorming sessions are not only great for business, but can redirect your focus on something new and innovative.

You can revisit the brainstorming ideas you come up with in more depth later when your thoughts are clear. Another way to get through the day when your mind is working against you is to spend some time learning about things pertaining to your business or reading motivational material that will encourage you and help you restart your creativity.

When you have trouble focusing, it may be that clutter is the culprit. Just as you can have a cluttered room – you can also have a cluttered mind. Clearing your mind completely is a way to be able to return and focus on the task at hand.

Meditation is one way to clear your mind – or use whatever method works for you. Exercise is also a great way to completely empty your mind of all the stuff floating around and interrupting your focusing power.

When you have tasks floating around in your head or the phone rings or you hear the ping of a new email, it’s difficult to get into the creative process you need at the time. You may find yourself unable to remember things, filter important information or go between tasks easily.

The digital world we now live in has made it almost impossible to think as we used to. Prioritizing your tasks can give you the freedom you need to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Gather everything around you that you need to complete a certain task and get rid of the extraneous stuff. If you have a cluttered brain, it’s possible you have a cluttered work space.

Cluttered items in your surroundings can cause a negative impact on the way you receive and process information and the power you have to focus on one thing at a time.

This clutter can cause your attention to falter and you then begin to have anxiety and stress about being able to focus on what you need to. Your performance wains and you end up being very unproductive.

Everyone has a different tolerance level when it comes to clutter around them. Many successful entrepreneurs are able to focus when they barely have room for another sheet of paper on their desks.

Others may freak out if they see a pencil out of order. Cleaning off your desk may also be a way of getting the clutter out of your mind so you can prioritize your tasks, return to work and refocus on your business success.

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