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I'm James Gibbard

I'm Here To Help You!!

My aim is to help everyone who is interested in Internet Marketing to discover and master all of the niches and subjects available to them. Some of the content on this site will be free whilst some will be information contained within a membership site which will require a payment to view content. These membership sections will contain valuable information relating to the subject matter of the membership.

Many Internet Marketing ( I’ll call it IM for short) subjects will be covered. Some examples being: Affiliate Marketing, Blog Profits, Banner Ads, eMail Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Freelancing, Instagram Marketing, Internet Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, List Building, Mobile marketing, Outsourcing, Pinterest Marketing, Product Creation, Product Launching, Social Marketing, Twitter Ads, Twitter Marketing, Video Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Raising Capital, Bookkeeping. 

So there should be something of interest for anyone who would like to learn more, or indeed start from the beginning. There will also be ads for products which I feel will help you my subscriber. I will never recommend any products that I think will not be of value and will not help you move forward.

If you are new to IM, you will need to learn from tips and techniques that will be found within this site. You can do it the long way ( going round in circles ) or you can learn the right way, from the labor and skills of experts in their particular fields.

We all love FREE stuff, but sometimes, paying for the information or tools we need will greatly increase the probabilities of our success and in a timescale much quicker than having to relentlessly trawl the web looking for that information which will be needed.

IM is one of the cheapest ways to start a business – online or offline. You can start with less than $100. You do not need premises, you can work from home. You can start part-time and go full time when your business income reaches the point at which you can survive… and indeed prosper without the need for that boring 9 – 5 job that you hate.

You will get more time to spend with your family, loved ones, relatives and friends. You can possibly work from anywhere you like, even while you are on holiday or away from home – all you need is an internet connection. When you reach this point, you can be earning an income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

However, I must be honest with you, it may not be all sweetness and light. There can be a downside or what I call a “reality check”. It will require certain qualities and commitment from you yourself. It will actually require work and perseverance. You will at times be required to be disciplined in your actions and most importantly you will need to believe you can be successful.

I can help you – and I will try my very best – BUT, most of all, you will need to help yourself and give it your best shot. Nothing worthy in this life comes without some sort of sacrifice. It can be done and many Internet Marketers have changed not only their lives, but the lives of others connected with them.

There is a saying, it goes something like this: You can not receive without first giving . So, if you feel you can manage this downside ( I would personally call it “work ethic” ) , give it your best shot. Take it from me that 80% of people’s best shot will be good enough to give them success in IM.
Good luck to you if you decide to give it your best shot. I will do my best to help anyone with that attitude.

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